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   Ancient drama performances

2008 Aristofunny project dir.N.Diamandis National Theater of N.Greece

2007 Euripides ''Bacchae'' dir.Tassos Rantzos National Theater of N.Greece

2004 Sophokles "Women from Trachis" dir.Victor Ardittis   Epidavros  National Theater of N.Greece   mp3 sample1   mp3 sample2

2001 Euripides  "Hecuba" dir.Diagoras Chronopoulos  Epidavros  National Theater of N.Greece  

1999 Euripides  "Phoenician women" dir.Nikos Hourmouziades     Epidavros   National Theater of N.Greece  mp3 sample1    mp3 sample2

1997 K.Mcleish  "Orpheus" dir.Nick  Philippou  Lyric Hammersmith (London)  Beckett center (Dublin)   Actors Touring Company-Artslab

1994 Euripides "Ion" dir.Nick Philippou  Lyric Hammersmith (London)  Amalia theater (Thessaloniki) Piramatiki Skini-Actors Touring Company

1993 Euripides "Alcestis" dir.Nikos Hourmouziades   Piramatiki Skini

1989 Euripides "The end of Atrides" - a compilation created and directed by Nikos Hourmouziades  Piramatiki Skini

1984 Aristophanes "The birds" dir.Despina Pantazi  Garden Theater (Thessaloniki)

1981 Aristophanes "The horseriders" dir.Despina Pantazi  Thessaloniki Cafe-Theatre