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extracts from revews

Led by arranger and multi-instrumentalist Kostas Vomvolos the six piece band  doesn't just accompany Yannatou; it creates interactive soundscapes  by behaving more like an improvisory orchestra (not unlike Art Ensemble of Chicago) Derk Richardson  The Absolute Sound

But somehow it all hangs together, due in no small part to the clean, imaginative arrangements of Kostas Vomvolos whose subtle accordeon is omnipresent, and a truly excellent set of musicians who have been given plenty of space for improvisation.  Ian Anderson Froots

La direction de Kostas Vomvolos décline les possibles de cet effectif avec une imagination attentive autant que déliée Franc Bergerot  Le monde de la musique

Similarly, the ethereal “The fairy’s love song” from the Hebrides is the height of delicacy, and features a lovely solo by Kostas Vomvolos playing accordion. While that instrument is not often heralded for feats of grace and refinement, Vomvolos displays a light and deft touch through which his lines sing.      

One of the collection’s strengths is it’s superb and imaginative orchestration – courtesy of Kostas Vomvolos– which allows each piece to breathe with individual colour and weight."   C.V.M. Robson, "Women in Music"

Marshalling all these talents is Primavera's musical director, Kostas Vomvolos. Responsible for most of the arrangements and adaptations, Vomvolos 
is also an arresting instrumentalist, on both the accordion and the qanun which he plays in an inventive, idiosyncratic manner.
Dore Stein  Tangents Radio  San Francisco

… a maverick band of freethinking musicians who provide a perfect counterpart with their improvisational maturity and expansive expression ..     Renee Johnson UCLA  

   The music by K.Vomvolos is most apt,a background of striged and other sounds,joined by voices in ulutation and wailing.Mood is the message,and it is powerfull.          Gerry Colgan  I rish Times

…eclecticism almarks the music by K.Vomvolos;the over effect of the musical design is sombre,mysterious and intense…  Edith Hall ‘The Times literary supplement’

….K.Vomvolos’s music throbs,thunders and twangs… Michael Billington ‘ The Guardian’ 

……backed by a strong group – Kostas Vomvolos was especially impressive in his effortlessy alternating on kanun, accordion and kalimba…..      Francesco Martinelli  all about jazz

(“Orpheus”) moodily supported by an evocative soundscape (K.Vomvolos)...      Kate Stratton  Time out