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Dollhouse party  extract (735KB)

cd: Saved (Polytropon) Ibsen A dollhouse National Theater of N.Greece

Granada (600KB)

 cd:Saved Lorca Dona Rosita  Greek ational Theater

Apollo's delight (513KB)   Sphinx (777KB)

Extracts from Euripides Phoenician women (LYRA) National Theater of N.Greece

Paian (856KB)    Hercules blues (709KB)

Extracts from Sophokles Women from Trachis National Theater of N.Greece (unreleased)

crossing (862KB)

extract from K.Michos dancetheater piece On my birthday I cought a train to Thessaloniki (unreleased)

Romeo (1,38KB)

cd: The girls bedroom (Ano kato) A.Dimou ...and Juliet Piramatiki skini


You can freely listen and  download the entire soundtrack of the performances:

Euripides 'Hecuba'

M.Mungan 'Deer's curse'

Sophocles 'The women from Trachis'

Euripides 'Ion'

On my birthday I caught a train to Thessaloniki (dance piece by k.Michos)

G.Skourtis 'Nightmares'

M.Lymberaki 'Kandavlis's wife'

Ch.Keatly 'My mother said I never should'

C.Anne 'Tita-Lou'

A.Dimou '...and Juliet'

B.Brecht 'The good person of Szechwan'

Doxombus (1987) soundtrack


40 keys -a fairy tale